The Importance of Neighbourhood

core team RLP logoWhy is it that one of the most important parts of our home search is left undiscovered until once we buy the home?

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Neighbours.  They can be an absolute nightmare or they can add happiness to your daily life and perhaps even increase your property value.

A lady by the name of Gladys Taber, who wrote for Family Circle and Ladies Home Journal from 1937-1967 wrote “Being a good neighbour is an art which makes life richer.”  This couldn’t be more true.  We often expect to find good neighbours but sometimes we have to realize that we are the ones that need to be good neighbours and bring out the best in those who live amongst us.

When I moved into my home in Dundas I was a little concerned about how closely situated we all were in our new neighbourhood.  I came from a one acre property with only one neighbour who was rarely home.  Our privacy was going to be lost and we had to make the best of it.

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I may just be lucky but we managed to find not one or two good neighbours, but the entire neighbourhood is beyond all my expectations.  An annual street party is organized by one of the residents who puts so much time and effort into making a wonderful event for every age category.  She organizes a bouncy castle, music, roving entertainment plus plenty of food which is brought in potluck style.  This brings us all together in the court for an afternoon and evening that forms new friendships.  There is even a private Facebook page for all of us to join and communicate.  Need a tent for a weekend? Perhaps a tool you need to borrow?  Post it on the page and people respond quickly.

Take some time to introduce yourself yet respect their privacy.  Be there for each other and lend a helping hand.   I love that once in a while I open my front door to find some baked goods, jams, homemade tomato sauce, wine left on my doorstep as a kind gesture from someone next door or down the street.  I also feel fortunate that they don’t hesitate to contact us when they need to borrow items or require help with something.

If you are currently doing your own home search and find that perfect house, take the time to knock on some doors and introduce yourself before you put in your offer.  It could teach you plenty about the culture of the neighbourhood as well as the history of the home.  Be sure to speak to a few people though and don’t be too swayed by one person.

“Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbour’s noisy party than being there”              -Franklin P. Jones


As a Real Estate Salesperson in the Hamilton/Burlington area I am happy to be of assistance with your home search or purchase.  Call me anytime at 905-518-5443 or feel free to visit my website and learn more about how I can help.


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