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Welcome to my website! If you are reviewing the options you have in today’s market when selling your home call me and let’s chat.

Learn what’s important in the current conditions. Is it speed to get it listed? Do you need to do a few improvements to fetch top dollar? Maybe you could just use a few minor changes or a strategy that really outlines the benefits of the lifestyle one can achieve in your home.

Let’s talk and discover some of the best ways to get your home SOLD. Feel free to ask for my free Seller’s Handbook!

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Thinking about Buying??

Don’t worry…I’ve bought and sold so many properties myself both as a home owner and an investor so I understand what can be stressful and how to alleviate it.

First thing to know is that I am THERE for you and you will see plenty of evidence of that on my Kudos page. Many past clients have mentioned that one of their favourite things about working with me is that I personally answer the phone or respond ASAP. Another big plus?? My 20+ years of experience as a REALTOR® have provided me with a lot of problem solving skills and an eye for a great opportunity. I am there for you to assist you in finding the help you need in the early stages as well as long after the home is purchased and you have closed your deal.

Contact me for a copy of my Buyer’s Handbook and let me know of any questions you may have.

Call me direct at 905-518-5443 Let’s work together to find you your next property!

Welcome to my website…check out the Find Your Area page to see what you may want your new lifestyle to look like in 2023 and let’s find you that perfect home!!



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Important and helpful info for Buyers


Future of Real Estate - Click on link for slideshow

The Future of Real Estate in Hamilton

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Hey!   Ever thought about Flipping?


Well let’s chat!  I have done numerous successful flips and I am here to help.

If you would like to learn more about the stages you need to get through the flipping process or perhaps you want to know if you are qualified to take this on….I can guide you and save you money through every single part of my success path.  Let me know if you are interested in hearing more

For some tips on how to flip click the link below and then let’s get more in depth with how you can start making money

Successful Flipping strategies

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What is the future of Hamilton?

Investors and Home Buyers take note…see Bruce Kuwabara’s vision for the redevelopment of Pier 8.  Something we can all get excited about!

Waterfront Redevelopment Plan by Bruce Kuwabara

The Waterfront Redevelopment Plan

Corinne Byggdin, Sales Representative

Corinne Byggdin

As a realtor I understand the importance of home more than many people do. 

I have seen people move in and out of different areas, residences and phases of their lives again and again over the last 19 plus years of my career.  It is my heartfelt goal to make my clients happy with their purchase or sale and real estate decisions.  I ask the questions and make suggestions that they may have never considered but it takes them in the direction that is far more suited to their lifestyle and future goals. 

Let me have the conversation with you and let’s see if we can work together to sell or buy your next property.  I am open to any questions you might have! Call me directly anytime at 905-518-5443.  Home starts here 


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MOVING TO OR WITHIN CANADA?  Well, rest easy because I can help you find the perfect real estate agent in the area of your choice which will fit your personality and goals.  Refer friends and family and I will help them too. My expertise and strong network of professionals can assist you Canada wide and will help you find all the connections you need to make a smooth transition.  From mortgage brokers, to home inspectors, to real estate lawyers, insurance brokers, movers and more.  You can count on me to make your move as easy as 1-2-3.  Home starts here.  Just click here to get started.


I’m here to learn about YOU!  Hamilton.  Burlington.  Whatever your preference, I am available to help you in your home search or sale and discover what these areas offer.

Taking time to learn your real estate needs is front and centre.  Contact me to get started!  Hamilton isn’t just Steel Town…we have a thriving community ready to show their talents and ideas on every corner.  The Hamilton region offers a number of different areas to suit a variety of different lifestyles.  If you aren’t yet sure where you want to live in this diverse region…let me educate you.

I chose this area out of all of Canada and could share my story with you as to why and how I picked it.  Dundas is my home and I have no regrets.  Whether you are artistic, outdoorsy, entrepreneurial, culturally inclined, family oriented, athletic, a foodie, musician, sailor, golfer, cyclist, farmer, biker or commuter…there is an area suited to you.  Small town appeal and energetic city living of Burlington or Hamilton are within minutes and surrounded by the beauty of waterfalls and country side living.

Years of experience in the real estate, development and renovation industries help me guide you in your home purchasing or selling to ensure you get the proper advice and assistance.  This service makes your experience much easier with one stop shopping for real estate attorneys, skilled trades, mortgage lenders, home inspectors and more!  My repeat and referral business has become a large part of my client basis thanks to satisfied buyers and sellers.

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Burlington, Hamilton’s neighbour to the north, is strategically located in the heart of the Golden Horseshoe and consistently placed as one of the top cities to live in Canada.  It has the GTA to one side, Hamilton/Niagara to the other, farms and beautiful countryside to the North and of course the lakefront access all encompass a very livable area that continues to keep the city vibrant and energetic.   Also a great option for the commuter.  Contact me to learn more about the Hamilton Halton area and making it  your home.

Your connection to the Hamilton Burlington real estate market starts here.

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