Corinne Byggdin

Proud member/supporter of the following associations:

 Call Direct

Corinne Byggdin, Sales Representative of core team and Royal LePage Real Estate Services serves the Hamilton and Halton region in the real estate industry.

WORK:   Offering you assistance with your property investments with a respectable and knowledgeable manner that will continue to help you throughout your real estate life. Always ready to offer sound advice that is timeless and down to earth, but in your best interest.  Not a one trick pony looking for the next sale; Corinne is dedicated to give you on-going service that will help you not only find your dream home, but assist you to find profitable investments. This is why she has continued to flourish through her 18+ year career and have award winning service mainly through the repeat business and referrals by her clients. 

TEAM:  Being part of the core team and working together with Hope Terry has been a truly essential part of my success.  The support and general good vibes that she has put forward has been ongoing and a daily occurrence.  I couldn’t ask for a better business partner.  The different strengths we each offer has been beneficial to not only ourselves but all of our clients.  We can offer support to those making a move across the GTHA and give them real estate support from each end of the area through all of our Royal LePage connections.

A bit about Hope:

Being the daughter of a real estate broker and perusing MLS listings as a child, a rather advanced child, Hope was destined to be in real estate.

Also calling the Dundas area home Hope works with buyers, sellers and investment clients in the Hamilton area; given she owns a home in Chatham she has an understanding of this southwestern Ontario market as well.

Hope’s skills include property management, project management, renovator and artist. Culture vulture? With a background in dance Hope’s a likeminded soul.

Hope in a nutshell?

Tailored, professional service. Buy, sell, invest: Hope’s a determined negotiator! 

PERSONAL:  As a realtor, wife of 20 years, mother of 2, owner of our loveable husky lab Kaya, investor, flipper and coach I keep busy.   I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My  outlook on life has always been to experience it fully and do what you love.  My career has been extremely fulfilling and I have met many great people and kept clients as friends.  It is important to me to give back to community and I have been a proud supporter of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation and a volunteer with Food 4 Kids and Habitat for Humanity.  I have always tried to travel often, try new experiences when they present themselves (such as scuba diving, sailing, backpacking, motorcycle trips), take in plenty of live music, cook as much as I can, and feed friends and family often.  I enjoy tennis, kayaking, golf, paddle boarding, yoga, painting, live music and of course cooking.

“After having lived in many areas of Canada and experiencing the beauty and benefits this great country has to offer I decided to focus on the best-Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, Flamborough, Hamilton and Waterdown.

My home in Dundas, Ontario however was chosen carefully with all of the nation within my reach.  After careful consideration I made this Halton/Hamilton region home and have had absolutely NO REGRETS!!  Now this of course comes from someone who enjoys the trees, natural surroundings and plenty of parking!! that we find around here.  I have nothing against the big cities but my space is precious to me and here is where I find my peace.

Let me give you the info you need to discover the value and beauty of this breathtaking area with so many down to earth people and loads of opportunities.  Why did it take so long for everyone to discover the Hamilton area????  Who knows! but now it is one of, if not the fastest growing areas in our great nation.

You might ask “Is it too late to get in on this real estate market?  Not a chance.” Come see for yourself!  You won’t be disappointed.


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