Staging that Sells on a Budget

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Staging that Sells on a Budget

In the past we never found staging to be worthwhile….but now??  it is clearly a must to get top dollar for your home.

There was actually a time when pictures weren’t even offered on a listing and now we think that’s crazy.  Staging is so important when presenting your home and it’s features.  I have seen first hand that stagers can be well worth the money but not everyone is on board with getting a stager so here are some tips that may help you to get the job done!! .

Make an Impact without much $$$

These before and after photos will give you an idea of the small changes that make a big difference and bring in more potential buyers.


It may only involve some extra or rearranged furniture, lamps, pillows or pictures.  And always, always be sure it’s clean…not just floors and countertops but walls, light switch cover plates, casings, and especially windows (inside and out)! Open up the room with furniture placement to make sure there is a feeling of space and a natural flow through the room.


Tidy any items off the surfaces such as countertops and desks.  Build some height with pillows and make sure the bedding is clean, pulled tight and tucked in if possible.  Open the room up with the blinds or curtains open to ensure plenty of natural light floods the room.

The Great Outdoors

Don’t underestimate the value of prepping your pool prior to selling your home.  If the season allows it try to make your yard as appealing as possible so buyers can picture themselves enjoying the property to it’s absolute full potential.  If you need a coat of paint here or there to freshen it up…believe me it’s worth it.  Make your outdoor space an oasis!!!


First Impressions

We all know that the first impression is what sets the mood.  Ever have a blind date??  Well your home should be spot on impressive from the moment people set foot on the front step.  If there are problems or repairs required they will look for the same issues throughout your home.  The mood should be 100% positive when they stroll through your home.  Freshly painted front door, clean steps and mailbox, freshly planted flowers or potted plants,or a new front matt can make a difference.  Please make sure that front door handle and lock are easily operational.  As a real estate salesperson, nothing worse than struggling to get into a home with your buyer because the handle or lock are malfunctioning.





Go through your home prior to schedule showings and make sure that the lights and lamps are on, especially in the evening.  If the showing is in the daylight it is always good to have the window coverings open to let in the sunlight.   Use your common sense though.  If you have an undesirable view out of a window such as a neighbour’s messy yard you obviously won’t want to showcase that…not a selling feature.

When prepping  your home for the market check that all the light bulbs are working.  Any that are burnt out need to be replaced and try to keep the lighting consistent if possible.  If you have warm or cool light bulbs, have those throughout the home but try to choose one.

Taking some time to consider how other people see your home can put a lot more money in your pocket.  I’m here to help you see what the potential buyers are seeing.  After completing plenty of renovations and staging projects for resale I have a good handle on what counts and what doesn’t and how to get the most mileage for your buck.  Not cut corners, but do quality improvements that are going to count and pay for themselves!

In the event that you just don’t have the time or inclination to roll up your sleeves and do your own staging, I can help you find a stager that will get your home in tip top shape for the market.  People may say that they can’t afford a stager but truthfully you may find you can’t afford to not get a stager.  They can get your home sold faster and at a higher price quite often.  Why wait for a price reduction if you can put money into a stager and just get the job done.  To each their own…you will find what fits you based on your personal abilities and your home.
Corinne Byggdin

Corinne Byggdin is a Sales Representative in the Hamilton and Burlington area with core team and Royal LePage Real Estate Services.  She has 17 renovations under her belt and has learned first hand how to present your home for sale.  Put her experience to work for you.  For a personal in depth discussion about what steps you should take to get your home ready for listing you can contact her today to set an appointment.


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