Corinne has been working on looking for a house for us for the last year or so. We haven’t been in a real rush as we are still trying to save for the down payment, but she has been incredibly patient, and sending us places that will appeal to our taste in the meantime. We found a home that we wanted, and within 10 minutes of letting her know, she was already on it to reach out to the listing agent, but it with a sudden change of mind on our end, she was very understanding. Corinne is professional, and very knowledgeable when it comes to all things real estate. She really works hard to really listen to what you need, and is very responsive to calls, texts and emails. It is refreshing to find someone who is dedicated to doing the best job possible. I have no problem recommending Corinne, and to boot, she is the house flipping queen! Anyone looking to flip a home, she has done over 17 flips and really knows her stuff. Also another reason why I work with her, as she knows what to look for in a home, and whether or not it will be a good investment.


“Nothing worse for a buyer than having to elbow your way into an open house. Good on you, though!  You guys did such a great job…and Corinne on staging. I haven’t seen such a festive open house in a long time! It was like a little party in da houze…!”  LIZ

“Could not have asked for a better experience! After just a brief meeting with Corinne she remembered us months later , sent us the tip on the house of our dreams, and then helped us to make it happen. Having dealt many times with evasive or pushy realtors, Corinne was a breath of fresh air! Straightforward, candid, and attentive to our needs whether day or night. So glad we made that phone call. Thanks so much Corinne”   


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“Working with Corinne made finding our perfect home so much easier! She was so helpful each step of the way. Throughout the process she continuously looked out for our best interest. She is very quick, efficient and easy to connect with in a timely manner. We would absolutely recommend Corinne for any of your real estate needs. Thank you so much for all of your help.”


“I approached Corinne for an appraisal to help my clients secure financing for their home.  Corinne responded immediately and contacted my clients to set up a meeting.  Corinne provided the written documentation required within a tight time frame and did so with the utmost professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend Corinne to my clients again in the future.”               


“Corinne showed us many houses and gave us exceptional guidance along the way….always looking out for our best interest and not to just sell us a property.  She was only a phone call or text away to answer questions at any time of the day. …She has given us some brilliant suggestions of home renovations that we may proceed with, and has contractors that she can recommend.  Corinne has also helped us with creative ideas on where to put our furniture and has gone out of her way to find stores that have just the right type of sectional couches for our space.  Thanks so much Corinne for all your help.  We would use your realtor services again in a heartbeat.”


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“Corinne was awesome to work with! Being first time home buyers, we didn’t know how a lot of the process worked and had heard from friends that it was all very stressful. We didn’t find that at all. Corinne is very knowledgeable and patiently guided us through each step of the process, making it much easier than we expected. She was very helpful with research of the area and the history of the home as well. We would absolutely recommend Corinne to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!”   


“Thanks for putting up with us for the last 4 years!  We most definitely kept you on your toes 🙂  We couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of the house and wouldn’t have been so successful without you!”  REBECCA & JONNY

“Thank you again for all your guidance and expertise with the house search – it was not only lucrative and informative, but a lot of fun too!  We will most certainly be passing your name onto other prospective home buyers in the area.”  GLENDA 

“Both my son and daughter have worked with Corinne in the past for searching the market and purchasing their beautiful homes! Needless to say….she came highly recommended when we final decided to sell our dearly loved home of 15 years! Such a daunting process, indeed!!! Corinne made the whole selling experience relatively easy and…..quick!! She’s a true professional in all respects…….friendly, approachable, down to earth, knowledgeable, she “listens” to your needs, she makes herself available almost 24/7 and responds quickly! Corinne doesn’t just sign a listing and relax……she lists, works her tail off, is in constant touch with her clients to advise what’s going on and gives prompt feedback following viewings and open houses. A true Real Estate professional ……….. and offers personal assistance and expertise as it should be!!! Corinne is courteous, thoughtful and is full of fresh and innovative ideas in suggesting methods to help present your home in the best possible manner and in helping to find just the right buyer!
Give her a call……you’ll be delighted!!”  

“Corinne is a great real estate agent. She takes the time to really get to know her clients and understands what they are looking for. She looks at the purchase of a house as both the purchase of a home and as an investment, so she is always working for the best for her clients. She takes care of all the details and makes the whole process easy!”

…you are a great agent, and I couldn’t be happier. You’re very professional, and have a nice manner about you in the way you deal with all parties.  So a big thanks, and I am happy with my decision and purchase.”  D. STEWART

“Corinne was my first realtor for the purchase of my first home… I was a true property virgin! Corinne walked me through the process. I literally knew nothing about the process and she gave me all the information I needed and made me feel comfortable. There were some ups and downs, not getting a house that I had put an offer on, but she encouraged me to look in a town that I was not sure of and in this town I found my dream house! Corinne is definitely a pleasure to work with! I am very happy with my purchase!”   


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“Corinne was professional, extremely gifted in approach and tactics and extraordinarily diligent.  Any questions we had either by text, email or phone, Corinne responded quickly with the correct answer.  We had a very unpleasant experience with a previous agent and Corinne came in and turned on the light and made things happen, so much so that our home sold in just over three (3) weeks very close to our asking price. Corinne is someone who I would Highly recommend without hesitation to any party looking to Sell or Buy a property.  Corinne does what she says she will do, when she says she will do it and that was such a breath of fresh air. There are still some remarkable people out there and Corinne Byggdin is certainly one of them.”   SCOTT DEANS

“Wow I feel like I got the deal of a lifetime.  And I credit you for getting that offer in so quickly.  That played a big part. If you hadn’t pushed the seller’s agent to get the offer to them that evening I could very well have found myself in a bidding war. Thank you very much for that!”  LINDA K.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Corinne the other night and discuss the process of transitioning from our current home to a potential new home some time in the future.  Corinne’s advice and recommendations were invaluable and very practical. We appreciated her advice which distinguished between “what to do’, and don’t waste your time doing” in preparing our home for sale.
We look forward to developing a relationship with Corinne, and drawing upon her vast experience and expertise in making the home to home transition.



twilight (1)“I have worked with Corinne Byggdin twice and had a fantastic experience both times!  She managed to find my dream starter condo, and my dream forever home which acts as 3 different purposes: 2 separate home based businesses and my home.  I knew I had a tall order each time she searched for me, but that did not deter her.  Both times, she impressed me with her dedication.  She truly listened to what I told her and searched for exactly that.  Corinne is more than a realtor.  She cares so much about finding her clients their dream property and I would recommend her any day of the week to anybody and everybody looking to buy or sell!  Thank you Corinne!!”    DR. JULIANNE DONATO

“My sister and I speak highly of you and your service, I wish I knew more people to recommend you, but for sure you have my sister and I as loyal future clients.”    KIT

“Just wanted to add my two cents worth…. I too enjoyed all our real estate ‘skulking’ and am actually kind of sad it’s over! It was fun working with you guys. We felt that we all related well and you understood us and our preferences, etc. And you talked us off the ledge a few times in terms of what renters care about. :-)”   DAVE DARBY

“We really appreciate it and just wanted to say how much we enjoy having such a lovely, knowledgeable and fun real estate agent. ”  JULIE PAYNE


“The ad you posted is fantastic!  You certainly outdid yourself! The pictures make our house look beautiful!”  IDA & DANNY

“Thanks Corinne!  Thanks for you all your work on the offer and being a good and true representative for us.  We are doing so well here in our church house and thank you so much for helping us be able to acquire such a property. ”   LEAH H.

“I am writing to say how delighted I am to have been able to work with the Core Real Estate Team …. Their quality of service, attention to detail, exceptional communication and fast turn arounds, are amongst the best in an industry, which in many cases does not have the best of reputations.   I have worked with other real estate agents before and have also sold previous homes privately…..You will not find harder working, more passionate, and never pushy individuals in the real estate industry. I 100% recommend listing and buying from the Core Real Estate Team.”    





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